APERMA Program Administration

APERMA Administration has been handled by Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. since the program’s inception in 1985. 
Contact Kathi Williams or Jim Bergemann – Program Administrators with any questions regarding your coverages, limits, deductibles, special needs or general questions regarding the program. Jim and Kathi report directly to the Board, and together with Kathy Trickey of Gallagher Bassett and APERMA’s legal counsel, Ralph Ohm, we deal with the day to day operations of APERMA.
As administrators we strive to provide each member with quality service and quick response to your risk management needs. Whether it’s dealing with a problematic claims issue or simply adding a vehicle or piece of new equipment.
From time to time situations may arise that cause you some frustration.  We can only deal with those situations if we are aware of them so please always call.  You may help us to avoid an even bigger problem.
Forms are available for property, automobile and equipment changes as well as certificate of coverage requests.  These forms can be downloaded from the website by choosing the corresponding link under the Administration tab.

APERMA Loss Prevention:

Loss prevention newsletters address topics specific to Arkansas public entities.  This includes areas such as defensive driving, hot pursuit, employment related practices, proper and improper termination procedures, working in the extreme heat etc.  If you have special needs or requirements, our Loss Control Specialist will work with you to come up with a convenient time to address those needs.