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Arkansas Public Entities Risk Management Association...

…is a comprehensive risk management program created by and for Arkansas public entities falling under Arkansas Statute A.C.A 21-9-301.   Membership is available to all public entities in Arkansas, including cities of any size, counties, water districts, fire departments, drug task forces and solid waste management districts.

Our mission is:

  • Provide  protection of  your physical and financial assets from a covered loss
  • Provide responsive  claims handling services that is fair to all members
  • Provide expert legal advice and representation related to all your operations

Since its inception in 1985, APERMA has grown to include over 100 members state wide. Our Board of Directors is composed of mayors, county judges and law enforcement representatives from within the membership. The board provides direction to the program administrators regarding pricing, coverages and services to be provided to best benefit all the members. (A list of current Board members is listed under the Administration section of this website)

APERMA Is committed to providing public entities in Arkansas with a competitive alternative to the various association sponsored programs. In many cases, we have been the leader in reducing deductible levels, expanding the members’ ability to obtain legal opinions without restriction, providing automatic coverages and reducing paper work, providing additional services such as DOT mandated drug testing and free appraisal services regarding the members’ larger buildings.